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  1. docJohnV (verified owner)

    Always love a good Row Machine and then to find this combined with a Skier is amazing. Product arrived in two separate boxes and assembly was pretty straight forward, two people recommended. All the tools provided. I’ve had this unit about 3 weeks and I will admit it is smooth on both assemblies, the resistance adds a great depth to the workout. Display is easy to read from all angles. I also Highly appreciate the space saving of this unit. Two machines in one unit is worth the money!! Now if I could just keep up with it 🙂

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  2. Marie

    Absolutely love this piece of multi-functional equipment. Quick shipment and excellent customer service. Easy set up with quality materials. I have already recommended to friends and colleagues.

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  3. M. Perez (verified owner)

    After some research, decided to give the EnergyFit a shot. Glad we did. We wanted something that fit in our garage that allowed for low impact cardio. We run, cycle, power lift, and do CrossFit so getting a ski erg+rower combo machine made sense. We ordered it and in about 7-8 days we received it via freight. Mind you we live in the East Coast and it shipped from California. For (even pre) COVID times, I’d say that is pretty fast. Assembly was easy for the most part. Make sure you have a buddy for a couple of the steps. One of the screws wasn’t labeled correctly in the box but the company sent an email in advance to clarify that mislabeling. About more than a week into it, we definitely do not have issues with the unit, and it works well. It is no replacement for the higher end rower or ski erg, but for the price, footprint, and combo option, I’d say this is a sound option for most people who want the benefit of two types of low impact cardio into one machine. Very easy to lift and store the bench with the hydraulic arm.


  4. Ryan A

    Great versatile piece that doesn’t take up space when in ski position. Added a lot of versatility to our workouts over the past month. Delivery was timely and it was easy to put together.


  5. Anthony (verified owner)

    So far all expectations are met. I’ve been using this both ways for about a week, and using it with high intensity. It feels like it was built well enough to handle the abuse for a long time.

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  6. Shane (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this machine. I was looking into a Concept 2 Rower & skierg, but didn’t feel like waiting the months to receive it & couldn’t justify the price tag. I was sketched out initially by the Energyfit skirow due to not being able to find very many reviews on it, but I decided to try it. I received the machine in less than two weeks which I was very happy with. I did have minor issues with assembly, but I contacted Energyfit & within 5 mins they had helped me solve the issue through Facetime. Assembly took roughly 2 hours by myself, but I took my time making sure I put everything together right. Once it was assembled, I had to try skiing for the first time in my life. I lasted roughly 30 seconds before I was saturated in sweat & near death from a heart attack…this machine is no joke. After owning it for nearly a month now, I’ve had no issues with the machine & I ski and row on it every morning before work. I saved a load of money & a lot of room in my house purchasing the ski row & I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I highly recommend it. (I went with the power which makes a huge difference, but you can still get an insane workout without the magnetic resistance).

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  7. Angela (verified owner)

    I am enjoying my SKI-ROW, love the space saving design and ease of use. Product arrived quickly and I have been pleased with the great customer service.

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  8. Brent Mandel

    I am an Ironman triathlete, HIIT, sandbag, kettlebell, OCD fitness nut. I love cross training. Rowing is such a great steady state or HIIT modality, as is Ski Erg. This machine is of excellent quality. The two in one capability is perfection and the company, order process, status updates, shipping and assembly instructions were all nothing but flawless. Best experience of any fitness equipment purchase I have ever made.

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

  9. Ken O. (verified owner)

    I love this combination of ski and row in one machine. My wife loves use the ski on her workout and I like the rower to incorporate in my functional fitness routine so this machine is the best for both us! The customer service manager Mark was also very helpful in sending instructions via phone and text. He was very patient with me on the phone to make sure I have everything that I need. I did not expect them to call me right away after I emailed them my dilemma in putting it together. Customer service at its finest!


  10. Coach Ray (verified owner)

    I am used to the Concept 2 rower as I come from the CrossFit world. I came across your SKI-ROW device and was intrigued with having 2 machines in 1. As we all transition to home gyms, this is the perfect machine that doesn’t take up much room. I am excited to pair it with a recent heart rate monitor to push my work rate safely. I am happy so far and have recommended the SKI-ROW to my old CrossFit community.

    SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)SKI-ROW AIR+PWR (North America Only)

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