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The First of It’s Kind…

The SKI-ROW is the first of its kind DUAL-FUNCTION High Intensity Interval Training machine.

Two of the Best Forms of Exercise Together at Last

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According to Harvard Health Publications, rowing at a moderate pace for 30 minutes burns about 210 calories for a 125-pound individual and 311 calories for a 185-pound individual. For vigorous rowing, those numbers are 255 and 377, respectively.

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Your gym is stuffed… why not reduce the footprint by combining two pieces of equipment? A Ski-Erg and Rowing Machine typically requires 40sqft. The Ski-Row only needs 22sqft.

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The Ski-Row can be converted from a rower to a ski-erg in seconds, allowing you to use multiple training modalities in the same set.

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More sweat in less time. HIIT (high intensity interval training) burns more calories and pushes your heart rate more than typical steady-state exercise. Both the ski-erg and indoor rowing are perfect for HIIT workouts.

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The ski-erg mimicks the motion of cross-country skiing, a full-body activity that burns tons of calories (up to 1,122 per hour).

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The compact size of the Ski-Row makes it ideal for your gym and your home. Get the training you need and take up less space.

The SKI-ROW can be used for rowing-only or skiing-only workouts, but its true value is revealed by enabling mixed-erg workouts and alternative exercise modalities.